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Export the assembly shell (similar to defautering or speedpack BUT BETTER)

Question asked by Luca Reggiani on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Luca Reggiani

Hello everyone, I'm several years that I'm looking for a solution to the problem.


The problem is: send to the customer a model with only the external dimensions, without revealing all the design secrets of the machine.


I tried the defautering, I tried it speedpack but it works with completely enclosed machines as a reducer, in my case, conveyor belts and rollers, I have many sheet metal components, all open, so the defautering or speedpack not hide inside (this is because the plates are close but not close completely).


Also with these methods the time to hide the secret is greater than the time to re-draw a simplified model ...


What I'm trying is a new idea, I think it would need a command that should be called "thermoretrac": the result should be a kind of shell as if the assembly was thermoretracting: only the outer casing will be visible.


Or the ideal would be to scan the assembly with infinite sections (similar to CT scan) and then join the external profile of each profile section to the next section in order to obtain the "external assembly film".


How do I get this?

You have alternative methods?