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Circuitworks Detailed Overview / Tutorial

Question asked by Rusty Renkel on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Steve Riggs

Am attempting to exploit all of the Circuitworks to ECAD and back transfers. Specifically, how to create a MCAD part with naming and coordinate system to get same orientation as ECAD symbol to support transfer and place on import. Specifically applying keepins, keepouts, place keepins, place keepouts etc. If keepouts overlap with different height restrictions which rules - first keepout placed, second keepout placed etc. Yes, there is documentation but it is not very user friendly and there are almost no if any tutorials other that the vanilla import from ECAD to Circuitworks and export to Solidworks and back. No details on creating components and naming, no info on how to apply the feature mapping. I've done much of the above but only after extensive trial and error. Good user friendly documentation or tutorial would be nice. I think if it existed there would be a broader acceptance of using. Many people consider the investment of time too extreme and continue with paper, dxf, etc.


I'm now using the IDX with my ECAD colleague but it has been painful through trial and error.