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How to get the needed data from a BOM

Question asked by Gary Lucas on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Danny Bradford

We have been importing BOMs from SolidWorks from each top level sub assembly, into our MRP program.  We are now making a change in how we use the MRP program that yields a lot of benefits there. We'd like to get away from the need to do the import from SW at the top sub assembly level and instead work at the product level, but still get the data imported by top sub assembly.  SW creates a BOM of top level assemblies.  Those are the subs we want, but expanded all the way to the lowest part level.  SW can also do all parts, that is what we use now, but it only works if we do it from a BOM in the sub assembly.  SW also does an indented list.  However to get the actual parts needed in the indented list you need to multiply every part by how many times it is used at at every level to get the total.  We have an Excel macro that currently rolls up material like pipe that has the same part # but different lengths and we still need that.


We are trying to do this because the way we do it now we order about 1000 different parts for each job and our MRP system produces a Receiver version of each PO that directs the shop to putting the materials received in every bin that needs the part in our WIP area. HUGE savings in material handling this way!  So we don't want to give it up.


So right now it looks like our macro would have to parse the indented item numbers and starting at the lowest level calculate all the quantities up to the highest sub assembly level.  I am trying to figure out if there is a way to format the SW BOM to do most of the work.  Maybe using a calculated field to move the quantities into different columns based on the indent?


We are a very small company and none of us are SW or Excel macro gurus.  Anyone here that is, and we could hire you to help us?