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Pointers Needed - Fixing a Mold Release Issue

Question asked by Benjamin Walker on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Paul Salvador

Hello everyone,


I seem to have run into a difficult spot that I can't figure a way out of. A buddy of mine asked me to model him up a series of parts for him as a side project for his Jeep. Everything was going well, and he decided he wanted to produce and sell these things. So he gets in touch with a business to start molding said parts, but they came back and said the part would not release from the mold properly as it currently is and wanted to make some changes.


I've attached both the model and a picture of what they sent in request. Problem is ... I honestly don't know how I'd go about making that particular change. I'm sitting here looking at it, and something tells me there's probably a feature I'm either not thinking about, or don't know exists, and I'm about to make it a lot harder than it needs to be.


To attempt to clarify, they're wanting the lip on the ends to be straight up and down. Right now they're kind of tucked in from the curve I put in the part. "Flex" probably wasn't the best feature to use to get the formed shape, but I wasn't sure how else to approach it. Would love to hear some input from you guys/gals.



On another note - the company did send a model back with the changes made they were requesting. However, the model is missing faces and isn't solid anymore. If it would be easier to fix those, I'd be game. Problem is, I have 0 surfacing experience and don't know how to heal/fix all the missing surfaces/bodies. The "auto-heal" didn't work either when I first loaded the part. I decided to attach this too for your viewing pleasure. Any and all input is certainly welcome.