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Measurements in .x_t parasolid files are not identical to provided drawings, is this possible or are the drawings/models wrong?

Question asked by Sabs Feigler on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Sabs Feigler

Hi everyone,


I've got a job where I have been given parasolid .x_t files built in SolidEdge, which I have to build in Solidworks for their client, since they need a build history, which the feature recognition doesn't do well at all.


I'm finding that many of the files do not match with the drawings I'm provided with, with draft angles being off by .003+/-mm and that sort of thing.


I was wondering if anyone has had issues with this sort of thing, where there is an error in the creation of the file, if that's possible, or if it's more likely that I have older files that do not match and were built in a sloppy way.


Thanks for your help.