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Solidworks crashes creating reference plane Win10

Question asked by Alfonso De Torres on Mar 11, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by Paul Salvador

When i go and select for example a vortex of an assembly as reference point for a new reference plane the program crashes every time.


This performance issues never happened in my system before, i installed solidworks again yesterday after i formatted my pc a few weeks ago.

I tested the OpenGL mode as some posts suggest, and while it doesn't seem to crash with that enabled, the program runs way too slow with that enabled, i think i have more than enough capable system to model this simple assembly. As i said i worked  a lot on this exact system past year and never had any perfomance issues.


CPU: I7 4790K

GPU: GTX 970 3.5 Gb

RAM: 16 Gb

Win10 1607


Rx file attached, please help.