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Variables not consistently mapping to Bills of Materials columns

Question asked by John Bergin on Mar 10, 2017

Apologies for this being a longish post, but wanted to include enough screen shots for clarity.


We are having an issue with getting some part variables to appear in derived BOM columns. As shown below, some parts' variables come in fine, while others do not. In this example, both Part Number & Description variables are in their respective SW parts, and these variables map to the column views and to both data cards (data cards not shown). The 501760 variables map to Part Number & Description columns, but the 96640A019 variables do not. Any suggestions as to what we might be missing here?


(Also, I’m curious as to why the Bills of Materials feature in the Admin tool has more options for defining from which configuration the variables are mapped vs. the Customizable Columns feature.)


“Engineering BOM” view


96640A019 “Summary Information” (in SW prt file) & “Engineer” column view


501760 “Summary Information” (in SW prt file) & “Engineer” column view


“Engineer” column set up


"Engineering BOM" set up


"Part Number" variable


"Description" variable