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Best practice for saving bodies from exported data

Question asked by Chris Buccilli on Mar 10, 2017

Hi all,


Here's my situation--my company used Kubotek Keycreator and Solidworks, but we're transitioning to Solidworks permanently. This being said, I've been sorting through Keycreator designs and migrating them into Solidworks.  Our assemblies are fairly complex robotic weld fixtures, with numerous components. I have found the best method to transfer the data into Solidworks is using a parasolid file; Solidworks imports the Keycreator assembly as a part, which is fine. Once in Solidworks, I have been using  Save Bodies, selecting each component, re-naming, and saving into the appropriate job folders. From there, I use a top-level assembly approach to insert all the components into my Solidworks assembly. It seems to be working great and I like the Save Bodies technique due to the fact that I can select each body and re-name, without switching windows or anything.I've been keeping the "master model" file and just renaming it with a job number and including "save bodies" in the file name. Since the "master model" file only contains exported bodies from Keycreator, it becomes useless after I Save Bodies. I have been considering, going into each component to break references off the stock feature so that there isn't a link back to the master model.


Now onto my question(s):

Thoughts on my technique? It seems effective, but the fact that all of my components link back to the master model is a little concerning. Maybe I should just break the references and be done?


Is there a more effective solution?