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Update folder variables from one folder to another

Question asked by Thys Coetzee on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Tim Webb

I want to update the values of some version-free variables on some folder data cards.

Say my vault has four folders:

  • Folder1 -- write the folder version-free variables here
  • Folder2 -- ignore this folder
  • Folder3 -- update this folder's folder variables from Folder1
  • Folder4 -- update this folder's folder variables from Folder1


These folders are all in the vault root so it is not possible to have an uber root folder card to hold the values for passing down automatically.  I cannot create a new folder and move these folders down one level.  These are peer folders and have to stay that way.  I do not want to enter the data for every variable on every folder -- once is enough.