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    Duplicating keyframe alters position for some reason

    Chris Cunningham

      This happens on everything I animate in Visualize. Am I doing something wrong? Whenever I duplicate a keyframe and move it over to the right it changes all the settings around. I need parts to remain stationary for a selected time then start moving again later in the timeline. Right now when I duplicate a camera keyframe or part keyframe it always adds a strange wiggle or bounce effect. I have tried duplicating keyframes and also scrubbing to the right time then hit the shit+ctrl+K to add a keyframe, but it still adds the bounce/shift effect.


      Also something else I discovered, if you have multiple layers in the timeline and select two or more keyframes to drag to a different location they get out of sync. All the keyframes will stagger slightly with the one I am holding leading the pack. I can include a screenshot if needed.


      Lastly if a keyframe is selected and you hit the delete button, it deletes the entire timeline and part. Can this be changed?