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The image quality on models/assemblies constantly changes back to low

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Gordon Rigg

Ever since I started using solidworks i never managed to avoid this issue. Its the same on lots of different hardware and its been a constant problem.

Image quality, that should be saved with a part, is not saved. It randomly, often, unpredictably, and annoying "slips" left to a very low setting.

Then things on the screen become horrible, curved edges become un-pick-able, curved edges overlap incorrectly because the corners stick out.


I've tried all the options of check boxes I can find and the problem always comes back. Image quality, after a while, is never saved and reverts to horribly low.


This happens to a part. it appears on the drawing. it might not appear on a pdf a drawing - its not generally a problem on drawing output - but it is a severe issue on rendered images...

In assemblies the whole assembly might appear awful on screen, or just a few random parts might appear awful.

When rendering an assembly no matter how much time you spend checking it, probably when you look close there is some pin or random round part there with corners on it!

Toolbox parts seem to be particular culprits.


All I have had from SW help is a denial that this problem exists  (Don't you just love it when they say that )

It is an absolute pain. I even had some A2 prints for exhibition renders that despite spending hours checking them, right there on the print is a screw with corners on it (thankfully the sort of thing we notice, but potential customers and salesmen do not).


So what is wrong with my installation (all my installations) that this happens? its the same on all three of the seats I supervise.

All have certified graphics cards with the latest certified SW drivers.

Since switching to my DELL precision 3620 Quadro k2200 system its as bad as ever.

Surely there is some setting I've missed? some setting that should have a better default but doesn't?

I can understand a system that allows you to drag the quality down if that speeds up working - but one that you spend $$$$$ on, and defaults to etch-a-sketch is a complete joke!


What can I do so that I can eventually open image quality and see that damned slider somewhere other than far left?!


image quality.png