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How to call a custom property for each configuration in same drawing file?

Question asked by Josue Medina on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by Josue Medina

We have a lot of pieces that are similar with variations in length or thickness, etc. but for each part, we call them different in the same modeling file by using configurations and of course, once modeled, I need to make the corresponding 2D drawing (.slddrw) in the same file but different sheet for each configuration. So I tried to make a template in order to automatically call properties such as part number, material, etc. by using custom properties on the model. However it calls only the part number from the first sheet, instead of calling the custom property from the configuration on the corresponding sheet. I would like to know how should I call it or what should I do.


I'm using this command: $PRPSHEET:"PARTNO" where, PARTNO is the custom property that I want to load on each sheet.



As you can see, it loads the same Part Number for each configuration, although each one has a different property.


Thank you in advance for your responses.