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How can I draw a swooping curve that has several, or ever changing, radii?

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Kevin Andrews

I am in the process of copying an instrument panel for a Cesna airplane (my bosses). The current one is plastic and he wants it made out of aluminum.

The problem is that the top of the panel has a continually changing curve to it.

In order to try and capture the curve, I traced the panel out on a piece of paper. Then started drawing construction lines at set intervals across the curve. The larger the curve (radius), the farther apart the lines were. As the curve became more pronounced, I tightened up the distance between the construction lines...

For instance, at the larger radius, I set the lines 2" apart. As the curve grew more pronounced, I shortened the distance to 1 1/2"..then 1"...and finally 3/4".


Now, I have tried using the SPLINE and the STYLE SPLINE commands and I can not get everything to coexist properly.....all will look good and then, on the next click, I end up with a loop in the mix somewhere.....


So, does anyone have a suggestion for how I can draw a sweeping curved line?

This is a "picture" that I copied off the internet to show, similar, how the dash is laid out and you can see the curve(s) I am talking about along the tops of the panels: