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My 2009 Thumbnail fix

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Dec 4, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2009 by Khris Jay
The 2009 thumbnail issue has irked me to no end so I came up with my own fixed based on some suggestions here. Attached, you will find a zip file containing several files. Two batch files, one for applying the fix, the other for setting it back and the third file is the 2008 winshell dll file that controls thumbnails.

The idea is to replace the 2009 winshell dll with the 2008 version.

The first file "Fix Thumbnails and Icons.bat" will have to be edited for your use as its designed to copy from our server and place the files in the SolidWorks program files which might be different than yours. The locations ae easy to change however as they are varaibles. This batch does several things:

Unregisters the 09 winshell dll
Renames the dll file as a backup
Copies the 08 copy to the 2009 install folder
Registers the 08 dll
Changes the SolidWorks setting to turn off thumbnails
Deletes the "Iconhandler" registry entiries

The other batch "Set back to 2009 sldwinshell.bat" simply unregisters the dll, deletes it, then renames the 09 backup copy back and registers it.

The "iconhandler" registry entries is an issue even with 2008 and earlier. I'm not sure when they introduced it but all it does is display a different icon for Drawings versus Detached drawings. Since the file extension is the same, something is checking inside the file to tell the difference and thus its slow display the icon, especially in folders with larger numbers of files (thousands). I think this is the source of lot of "Explorer" hang ups. Be warned that the batch file deletes these entries....only a reinstall or SP update will bring it back....I've never had a problem with it though.