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Desktop Scanning to Solidworks ? - High Detail of Objects and easy to reverse engineer ?

Question asked by Mark Piatowski on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by Mark Piatowski

Hi there Solidworks World ...

I work for an educational establishment i.e Solihull College.

We bought a GOSCAN3D Scanner a couple of years ago which came with VXElements as its software. It seems to work reasonably well with large objects though i really don't know VXElements enough to get the most out of it i feel.

The scans tend to always look rough and it takes some work to smooth out surfaces. As for importing into Solidworks via STL it's not much use. I can use the geometry as i cant select vertices and the objects are often rotated as some weird angle.


Anyway ...

THE QUESTION. ... RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A HI-RES SCANNER (desktop with color would be great) with EASY TO CONVERT to SOLIDWORKS tools ?


Does anyone have experience of a desktop scanner that works with smaller "almost hand sized objects" say up to 12" would be fine, what works really well with solidworks. Nice high definition scanning and easy to trace outlines of the shapes to reverse engineer into a Solidworks solid model ?


I've seen some on youtube, but don't know if they are as easy to use as they look. If anyone has one ... were the tutorials that came with the scanner easy to pick up in order to get the model reverse engineered post scanning ?