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link part file to drawing file

Question asked by John Gou on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by John Gou

Precondition: Drawing file ab.slddrw has 2 sheets with name
sheet-A and sheet-B. View on sheet-A is linked to part file a.sldprt and view
on sheet-B is linked to b.sldprt. ab.slddrw and a.sldprt are in open state and
a.sldprt is in active state. Files ab.slddrw and a.sldprt are in folder
C:/First and b.sldprt is in C:/Second


Question: how to make bb.sldprt in
folder C:/First link to the view on sheet-B. b.sldprt has no
relation with file ab.slddrw anymore. I will appreciate if someone can write
VBA code.

My problem: I opened b.sldprt and saved it as bb.sldprt with code (swModel.SaveAs2 sSVAE_DOCUMENT, 0, True, False). But the sheet-B in file ab.slddrw is still linked to b.sldprt not bb.sldprt I just saved.