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    Converting Inventor files to solidworks retaining features.

    Divyang Solanki

      Hello, I am trying to convert Inventor files to Solid works. For most part I have been successful but I have a few questions maybe someone has answers to.


      1. When features are imported it, is there a way to import i-properties features, like descriptions as well?


      2. Sheet metal parts when imported looses the flat pattern feature. Is there a way to retain it? I tried converting SW part file to sheet metal but it does not recognize the bends. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


      I am converting from Inventor 2017 to Solid Works 2016


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          Rick McDonald


          How are you importing the Inventor parts?  As .ipt files or as Step, iges or something else.

          Do you have inventor on the same system as the one that has SolidWorks?

          If not, do you have Inventor View on the SolidWorks computer?

          I have only used Inventor files from Inventor 7, 08 and 12 and converted them to SWX 2014 or 2015 so I am not sure if newer versions of either one (or each) makes it any better - but I have never seen anything to indicate that it has.


          I have never been able to import the i-properties as this is in the meta-data and when Solidworks imports the part it is as a dumb solid that does not seem to contain the meta data - or at least it is not imported)


          If you have Inventor (or Inventor View) on the same system it seems to use a conversion method that I think (not for sure) is part of Inventor that does a much better job of converting an .ipt into a SWX part than you will get if you use SWX Feature Works to convert the part.

          I have also only been able to import a sheet metal part as a part - no sheet metal features (bend lines, flat pattern...) got imported.