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sheet metal transition-the best way to do this.

Question asked by Kiri Skookum on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Kiri Skookum

Hi everyone, I hope someone out there has an answer to this problem. Or maybe a few and I can try them all.


I have 2 sheet metal trays and I need to create a loft/ boundary between them. A loft that can be made with sheetmetal and does not have a twist in it.



I tried a boundary between them and I got this - that does not even look right it has twists in it.

I basically know what I want it to look like and where the folds will be.

but the boundary feature only lets me select about 3 lines as guide lines. Why can't I select all these lines and make it transition along them.




I have also tried this boundary feature with a solid-

1) Why can't I create a solid that takes up the space within a 3d sketch? surely some command can do this - and I could convert this to sheet metal.


All the tutorials on the loft and boundary features are for amazing curves. I just want really basic.

Cheers Kiri