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Suggestions for organizing file structure for a large building

Question asked by Mattew Stafford on Mar 8, 2017

Below, I have attached an image of a small area in our building.  Where I have scribbled in red, is where guarding is to be placed.  This building layout includes pieced together sub-assemblies, building columns, ducts, etc. to show an all encompassing layout of our building.


Ultimately, I need to create drawings to show the addition of guarding in each location.  Also, each drawing of the guarding would show locations from existing equipment that is shown in the layout. I can create a subassembly showing the addition of guarding (or possibly multiple subassemblies because each area is it's own project).  What this means is that I am working off a large assembly (which isn't in itself a problem, because SpeedPak looks very handy), but when a coworker is also working on a project in the same area and needs this file open as well, I don't know how to work off the same file at the same time.


Much of our engineering work consist of building upkeep & modifications.  I could create an assembly off this main assembly, so I can work on my small area, then import it back into the main assembly, but then there is a cyclic thing going on, with identical models on top of each other.  Is there a good way to accomplish this?