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Custom Properties created on import.

Question asked by Levi Sternberg on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by Levi Sternberg

While uploading large batches of Inventor Part Files to the PDM vault, we noticed that every file uploaded had a custom property added to it named "CAGECODE".  This property's value is populated with the username of the person that uploaded the file (my last name is Sternberg), quite a peculiar phenomenon.  Our Inventor Part Files already had the property "CAGE CODE" originally, and now the software is creating another field when these files are added to the vault.




In our Solidworks PDM Admin Variable list, we have the Variable CAGE CODE linked to a few different attributes.  The troublesome attribute that is being added to all of our Inventor files is "CAGECODE", which shown below should only be affecting the the following Solidworks filetypes: slddrw, sldasm, and sldprt.





We hypothesized that any attribute with the block "CustomProperty" will add a new property to an Inventor Part File upon upload to the vault, so we created a dummy attribute called "INVENTCODE" and told it to affect the ipt filetype.  The most peculiar discovery of all, is that this new attribute "INVENTCODE" is not added to an Inventor Part File when that file is uploaded to the vault.  The "dtproperties" Block is a pre-existing default attribute that, I believe, datacards use to pull Inventor iProperties.


It seems like there is a tendency for the software to add the CustomProperty "CAGECODE" to Inventor Part Files when they are uploaded to the vault, but not any other CustomProperty.  Is there an explanation for this?  We would rather that the vault software did not add any properties to new files added to the vault.   Is there a way to accomplish this?


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