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    Why are my lights not following and aiming during turntable render?

    P. K.

      I set my enabled lights to follow and aim at my model.  When I turn the turntable on during preview mode they do exactly that, however when I render a turntable they do not follow the model, the render outputs as if they were stationary.

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi P.K.


          I think I know what's going on. Are you using the Turntable Output mode to kick off you animation?


          If yes, then the Follow & Aim technique you are using will not actually work (I'll look into this more to see if it's possible and we can add this functionality). What you should do is add a 'Rotation Animation' to your overall model, and then control the length of the "turntable" in the Animation Timeline.


          The Follow & Aim technique will always work when the actual objects are animated in the scene...whereas the 'Turntable' Output option above is an animation applied only during the output...so it's not really animating the model in the same sense as directly animating your model within the Viewport.


          If you need help setting up the 'Rotation Animation' then watch this Visualize tutorial on MySolidWorks:

          360 Spins and Rotation Animations | MySolidWorks Training



          *NOTE* the 'Realtime Turntable' feature located in the Main Toolbar has no relation to the 'Turntable' render option found in the Output Tools window (see image above). The 'Realtime Turntable' feature is for reviewing designs directly within Visualize, most commonly used with Presentation Mode (Ctrl+M). They are 2 separate features, with 2 separate purposes, and should not be used together.