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Influencer, trendsetter, responder or what should matter

Question asked by Elmar Klammer on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Kevin Chandler

None of these labels will help me identify the people in this forum that are really helpful, knowledgeable and offer constructive advice.

None of these words move us in the right direction. None of these words will enhance my skills.

These words are simply, carefully selected words to feed approval junkies. They mean nothing in terms of knowledge, experience or transferable expertise.

Furthermore they don't create an environment the fosters participation and self-reliance. On the contrary they create a false sense of oneself.

It's misguiding fluff designed to manipulate. In my opinion the overall quality of questions in this forum has declined over the years.

There are some staple names in this forum that have established themselves over the years. No need to mention the names. These people know who I am talking about.

I think this forum could benefit from a change of ideas. Many of the experts provide fully resolved solutions to open questions. While they do provide the end goal, they cripple people from using their own resources and brain. If waving a solutions manual would teach students the ins & outs of a specific subject then we would need no teachers. An app could replace the old fashioned professor or book and voila....everyone thrives. WRONG. The opposite is true. Providing solutions without the requirement to pour in your own effort creates simply entitlement and complacency. It creates & cements self-taught helplessness. If we want to come together and learn from each other then we have the responsibility to contribute. Benefits and responsibility go hand in hand and one without the other simply doesn't work.

We need higher standards of what minimum format, content and effort should be expected before diving into answering the very same. We need to ask our self  in what ways we want to help. Do we offer fish or do we teach how to fish.

The responsibility is shared equally between the person asking for help as well as the person offering it. Learning to be descriptive without giving away the solution is often harder then simply answering the questions. I for my part don't share the common consensus that convenience is a measuring stick for progress.

Nature is an amazing thing that has evolved to work efficient. Convenience is not a measure stick for efficiency just like Apple Computers doesn't stand for progress (...I am not going to tell you what you can and cannot belief...If you see the need to comment on this analogy then Apple does that for you anyways)


Food for thought.