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Copy With Mates - Very Slow

Question asked by John Wayman on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Chase Nichole

Good afternoon,

I have an assembly (not particularly large or complex) in which I have a screw placed in a hole with a concentric and a coincident mate.

As it happens, there are four holes and I want to place a screw in each.

On this occasion (I know there are other ways available to achieve this), I chose Right-Click, Copy With Mates, selected the screw and clicked the (so small it is almost invisible) right arrow at the top of the dialogue box.

Once the next dialogue appeared, I clicked the first and second faces to which I wanted the next screw to be mated.

After each selection of a face, there was a 12s delay before the next dialogue item was highlighted.

Once I had selected both references, I clicked the green tick, whereupon there was another 12s delay before I was offered the opportunity to select the next pair of references. Then, you guessed it, another 12s delay for each reference.

I have used this functionality before, but I don't remember it being quite so agonisingly, frustratingly, infuriatingly slow previously.

This just an example, I have seen this behaviour every time I have used the Copy With Mates function in the last few weeks. It is quite possible that it has emerged as a new 'featurette' since we moved to SW2016, SP5. I couldn't say for certain.

Is this normal?

Is there something I could be doing incorrectly to cause this pregnant pause?

Is there something different I could do to prevent the pause?

Mostly, SW2016, SP5 seems OK, but there are a few pauses such as this that make the user experience a less-than-satisfactory one.

Toolbox parts are another case in point. It seems to take an age to bring in a toolbox part from its network location.

I have tried doing the same exercise on a colleague's workstation, and the delays are noticeable, but much shorter, perhaps 3 or 4s.

Clearly, something is different between our installations.

Where should I start to look?