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AddIn: WPF Treeview in TaskPane via Element Host?

Question asked by Alex K. on Mar 6, 2017



I´m about to create a custom AddIn and i would like to illustrate a WPF Treeview in my SolidWorks TaskPane.


So i´m hosting the WPF on an WinForm with ElementHost - this works fine if my WPF just contains a button or something similar (eg. simple stuff...)

But if i try to host the treeview something isn´t working. Code seems fine, and i am also getting a correct preview on the Element Host in Visual Studio.

When i start the AddIn in SolidWorks - the AddIn immidiately stops...


Does somebody have expierience with WPF in the SolidWorks TaskPane and maybe could give some hints?

Or even ever tried a WPF Treeview there?


I would really appreciate every ideas you got on this.


BR Alex