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How to set configuration for parts in assembly?

Question asked by Filip Vymola on Mar 6, 2017
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I've got part with 3 configuration - we can call it as PartA. PartA has got 3 configuration - PartA-1, PartA-2, PartA-3. I've got assembly as well. We can call it as AssyABC. AssyABC has got 3 configuration - AssyABC-1, AssyABC-2, AssyABC-3.


I need set part and assembly configuration as you see below:




          PartA with configuration PartA-1


           PartA with configuration PartA-2


          PartA with configuration PartA-3


Is it possible create this via macro? Configuration for parts and assemblies I created via macro. Unfortunately I don't know how get started. The configuration name for assy and parts is the same.