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    SolidWorks PDM 2017

    Hrishikesh Shirsikar

      We recently found out a problem that we are unable to receive Notifications after state change in PDM. Also we have set an export rule for BOM export. But PDM is unable to export BOM at desired location (both inside the vault & outside of the vault). Can anyone has solution for this?Kenneth Barrentine

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          Michael Woerther

          This can be caused by the SolidWorks PDM Database Server Service hanging on the server. Try to restart this service ( in Control panel, services), that could resolve the problem.

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            Prasad Bhonsule

            Hi, check the Application Log in Event Viewer on the server. Notifications and BOM exports are handled by the database server service, so if not working correctly could point to a problem with that service.


            Also what version of PDM and service pack are you using? There is a known bug with notifications and BOM exports in PDM 2016 SP4 See the below from the Knowledge base:


            The following two problems affect the SOLIDWORKS® PDM 2016 SP4 Professional and Standard software:



            SPR#972893: Database Server Service fails to generate Notifications and Custom Columns are not shown using PDM Standard 2016 SP4.  This problem prevents the automatic generation of notifications. It also prevents the display of custom columns.



            SPR#973673: Export Rule for BOM data does not output XML file in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional 2016 SP4.  This problem prevents the export and import of XML data.



            These problems do not exist in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 SP3 or in older service packs of the SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 software. Both SPRs have been implemented in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 SP5 and 2017 SP0 or later versions.


            Kind regards


            Prasad Bhonsule

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              Ken Maren

              Try recreating the notification.  I have had this happen before after an upgrade.   Once I recreated the notifications, everything was fine.   I never looked into why it happened since I had a quick fix.   

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                Hrishikesh Shirsikar

                Hello all,

                Thanks for your responses and help.

                There is one article on Knowledge base S-08226. I referred that resolved my issue.

                Restarting SWX PDM Databse server is first thing but if its not working then please follow the steps in the KB article.@

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                  Tim Webb

                  Restart the database server. Those are both managed by it. I recommend to all our clients to setup a task to restart the DB server on a weekly basis to avoid this.

                  Hope this helps,

                  Tim CEPA

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