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    SOLIDWORKS Bug Priorities survey

    Matthew Lorono

      In case you haven't seen this survey in your email inbox, please take a few minutes to complete the SOLIDWORKS Bug Priorities survey here: SOLIDWORKS Bug Priorities Survey.  You responses will be anonymous in the aggregate.  Much appreciated!

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          Chris Saller

          Thanks Matt. If filled it out this morning.

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            Paul Salvador

            hmmm, it's just me?.. ..were the bugs on that PRT/ASM list really something of importance...? 

            seriously?.. was there anything there which I personally felt was that important??...  NO... nothing was there which I felt was all that important!

            There are MORE important CRASH/MEMORY problems  which have been occuring since 2008.. are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!

            Many crashes do NOT generate error reposts...   and, the error reports which do get sent...  THEY NEVER GET FIXED!

            (shaking my head)

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                Matthew Lorono

                Paul, crash bugs are often reported and processed directly to SOLIDWORKS.  For other situations where you mention that the bugs don't get reported, you should still be able to see their details your SOLIDWORKS RX tool.  If the crashes are repeatable, you can also capture with the RX tool to report them via your reseller.  Crash bugs are important and get top priority already.  This survey is about comparing the importance of things not working correctly.  These bugs described in the survey are indeed the top non-crash bugs that have been reported  by customers. Besides that, it would have been very difficult to describe very specific crash bugs in general terms that people can understand and to which they could assign an impact.  I hope you understand the purpose of this survey is not to undermine the on-going efforts to address crash bugs.

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                Rick McDonald

                used the link to fill out the survey,

                Many things that were asked about I don't use - should have had a "don't use this feature" as another option - I didn't select anything in these cases -  I use Excel 2003 so can't do any design tables ...

                First part about reporting to VAR should have had a "can't - I'm off subscription" .

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                  Umberto Zanola

                  Sorry to be so blunt, but why there is not a single question about simulation?

                  IMHO the state of the package is quite a mess and it is in need of attention from DS QA.

                  As a remainder results get lost occasionally, hard crashes on exit, sometimes the file is not saved, I tried to do thermal with multiple configurations and I gave up as I started to lose pieces of simulation, not knowing anymore what was updated and not.

                  Solidworks 2015 SP5 (and no will to take the risk to update)

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                    Peter Farnham

                    Hi Matthew,


                    I was hoping for a better survey than that!


                    None of the bugs mentioned here in the forum, that really screw a user's days up, are mentioned!!


                    Task scheduler fails to work in every release.

                    Solidworks crashes out more times than a banger race car!


                    Look at document information in workgroup and there is a warning about Solidworks wanting to send an email, then crashes out.

                    Look at document information in workgroup and there is a warning about office not installed correctly, then crashes out.

                    Both of these warning disappear if Solidworks is restarted. no pattern just random.

                    setting Referenced Documents, brings Solidworks 2017 to a stand still, why?

                    I do send these off btw, every day.

                    Why are these not in the survey?


                    Is this a publicity stunt to show that we, the users, don't see many bugs in Solidworks because this survey shows this??


                    The survey should have also asked:-

                    "Are you happy with the speed that the bugs are being fixed?"


                    I bet everyone's answer would be a loud "NO"




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                        Matthew Lorono

                        In a manner of speaking, this was addressed at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 during the sessions about how SOLIDWORKS is addressing overall quality concerns.  There is more effort being placed on quality and reliability now.  This effort is being made exactly because customers are asking to focus on these right now.  This survey is not meant to kick-start anything or limit focus to anything.  It's taking a pulse regarding specific areas.  Of course, these specific areas are not the only focus of our efforts.

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                        S. Casale

                        Survey says, door number 3 and done!