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SW 09 issues

Question asked by Brian McElmury on Dec 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2009 by Mike Marcoux
I am having a issue with a stand alone Solidworks 09 sp0. I am finding that it is like SW is freezing. Under task manager says it is running. And this is when trying to view a simple 15 part assembly. I have loaded six systems with the network version and two systems with stand alone. The two standalone are identical Dell precision 470 3.0 xean proc. with 4 gig ram and Nvidia Quadro fx 4500. Things done so far. Video card updated certified driver, cleaned temp files/misc and defrag hard drive, clean install of 09, ran adaware remover, working with Var on issue no such luck as of yet. I am at a loss. This system has been rebuilt roughly about 4 months ago. This system has been flacky ever since Sw09 was load on it. Any help would be great.