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Viewports background in Adobe Reader when using multiple viewports

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Mar 4, 2017


I published a 3D PDF of attached part by using my own template. It has multiple viewports to resemble a 2D drawing:



I can't understand why 2 of these views have gray background while in my SOLIDWORKS model the background is white.

So what I did was assigning relevant view to each viewport, changing background from gray to white, and then saving the file with a new name.

The view assignment has been retained, but not the background color (still gray!)


I can't uderstand if it's a SOLIDWORKS problem (wrong published data) or an Adobe problem (Adobe changing the background by itself).


I've tried using standard SOLIDWORKS 3D PDF templates, which have only 2 vieworts, and this issue doesn't occur.

I can't really understand what's the problem.