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Virtual sub assemblies using non virtual parts. EPDM does not update

Question asked by Kurt McMurtrie on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by ILKO PAUNOV

I really like the ability to create virtual sub-assemblies in SolidWorks. I can put smaller assemblies together and not have to create and manage new sub-assembly file in EPDM. They get saved directly into the top level assembly.  These virtual sub assemblies have non-virtual parts in them.


- Problem.... any file in that virtual sub assembly does not get updated by PDM.  If the "real" part file in the "virtual" sub-assembly gets renamed or moved in PDM the top level assembly can not find the file the next time it is opened. All the files outside the virtual assembly update fine.


- We have put an enhancement request in last year and this year.  But we are not getting any transaction.


Great functionality in SolidWorks just not completely followed through in PDM.