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Question about assembly parts order and mates

Question asked by Firas Helou on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Peter Brinkhuis

hello everyone,
I hope you are well
I would like please some help understanding some fundamentals of assemblies, I am making an assembly for an RC car, so I started with the floor as a fixed reference and mated it with the assemblies main planes to have a top right and front, then I started by adding the monocoque, then after that I added the wishbones then the upright then came back to the inside of the monocoque and added the steering servos and going to steering system, then i noticed that mates started to broke, and the steering doesn't work as it supposed to, which means by turning the servo handle or horn, the upright or wheel assembly must steer, but it did not ! so I made a conclusion and would like from you to tell me if it is right, that the order of adding parts is important, which means i must start by the inside of the monocoque and then go to the outside. When I added the steering rods to the ball joints the system doesn't steer anymore, so I would like to know why please ? below is a picture that explains it, in the picture I indicate one of the cases, my objective is to make this system in the picture rotate normally and the rods goes in a rotation and translation movement, so what is happening is :
each rod is mated with the ball joint by concentric and coincident, to make it lock in translation movement, but still rotates in the joint structure, so when I mate both rods by 8 mates, 4 mates for each  and 2 on each joint , the system stops from moving, but if I remove one mate only which is coincident which leaves us with 7 mates for both rods and 4 joints, the system gets back to moving and the surface of the rod with a missing mate starts moving inside the cylinder of the joint

so I need please some help and some tips


thank you in advance