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Missing hatching in broken out section

Question asked by Nadjaran Tehupelasury on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by Neville Williams

Is there a known issue of which Solidworks 2016 (SP5.0) doesn't show hatching in some regions when using broken-out sections in drawings?


The picture below is showing a broken-out section where the hatching is missing in two regions. De section is made from a simple rectangular tube with two tapped holes in it. The refrence of the depth of the section is created by selecting the silhouette edge of the corresponding hole. The PropertyManager of the broken-out section pops up whenever one of the blank areas is selected, but there are no visible changes in the hatching when the hatching pattern, scale or angle are changed.


Only when the solid property is selected instead of the hatching property there are visible changes in the view.


I know that the same result can be made by inserting the Area Hatch/Fill Feature, but I like to avoid this feature. I also tried to change the color of the lines, but that didn't change anything. Does anyone know why the hatching is missing in the view?