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    Future of Flow Simulation

    Kamil Zyskowski


      after Siemens acquired Mentor Graphics and Dassault bought xFlow is there a plan for next future for Flow Simulation?

      I heard nothing about enhancement for Flow@SWW2017.

      On other hand there's xFlow with very interesting calculation possibilities but how to "agree" user interfaces? Licensing? ...

      Is there a plan in Waltham?



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          Amit Katz

          That's a good question Kamil, but unfortunately DDS devs/employees rarely post here. I don't know if they even browse this forum.

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            David Paulson

            Kamil,  thank you for bringing this very significant development to our attention.  xFlow does seem to offer capabilities that are not available with Flow.  And xFlow can be "rented" which greatly reduces cost if you do not employ Flow on a full time basis.


            I suspect that it will take Dassault a year or two to integrate xFlow with SolidWorks to the level it is currently integrated with Flow.  I find it very interesting that xFlow does not rely on meshing to the extent that Flow does.  I often "try" to model heat exchange surfaces wehre the geometry is very small relative to th flowing liquid.  And in Flow, the liquid flows through my heat exchanger solid.  And when I fine mesh the heat exchanger I end up with 20 million cells and the solver will converge some time next month.......  I would love to take a test drive with xFlow.

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              Alessandro Tornincasa

              There is an ongoing developement agreement between SOLIDWORKS and Menthor Graphics. From my point of view Menthor develops CFD technology and SOLIDWORKS develops user interface.

              Menthor has its own product called Floefd standalone: if you look at It you will see that the pre-processor looks much like SOLIDWORKS.

              Obviously there are important differences between the two products (SOLIDWORKS excels in integration and easy of use in the product, while Menthor has some Technologies we don't have like combustion and a more detailed condensation model).

              I don't think XFlow Will replace flow simulation any soon because we don't know the terms of the agreement between SOLIDWORKS and Menthor Graphics, and it's not in the interest of Menthor (and Siemens) to lose potential customer base like SOLIDWORKS is.

              It will also take time to integrate XFlow.

              My idea is that it will become a complementary (High end) tool to flow simulation. It will probably be integrated on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

              The latest new simulation technologies have been integrated there (Motion in Conceptual Designer, ABAQUS in Simulation Engineer).

              It's a good thing because it's great modern technology with unlimited potential.



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                Lotfi Derbal

                Hi Everyone,

                SOLIDWORKS has no plans to retire Flow Simulation.  If fact we are looking forward to an exciting 2018 release.


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                  Jaja Jojo

                  hmm ok will wait and see just don't add another $$$$ just kidding

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                    Jaja Jojo

                    Okay let me guess,

                    I'm guessing that solidworks flow simulation and solidworks simulation will have a topology optimization tools because many user of inventor were happy with this tools and also many user of solidworks wants this tools. Jeje this is just an analogy like when Inventor implement opening other CAD model without converting, solidworks also introduce in 2017.


                    The only thing that can excite me is if flow simulation and Solidworks simulation can speed to cut the time to half when running analysis. like the Simsolid, Solidworks can complete the analysis for 24 hours but in sim solid it just 2 minutes jeje just don't add another cost