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    Could not open the service pack database...

    Doug Kohring

      I'm our start-up company's CAD guy, we have no IT department/person.


      My system began crashing lately and I've been getting a warning at Solid Works start up to run the system diagnostics. When I run he SWRx most lines come back with green checks accept the last three which get yellow 'X'.


      X   Could not open the service pack database, the server may be busy, please try again later

      X   A process sldworks.exe is currently running, if ..... [I was running Solid Works]

      X   Toolbox is loaded on a local drive. This may not be an appropriate location if the toolbox parts are shared.....


      How important are these and if they are important how can I fix the problem(s)?  Thanks - Doug

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Doug,

          These three items are of very little importance and likely don't relate to the crashing at all.

          • The service pack database not being reached is a bug that has been open for quite a while.  You can always go to 'Help', 'Check for Updates' in SolidWorks to get the latest release which works perfectly fine.
          • This means the program is probably just open.  No big deal.
          • The toolbox is a database that is best shared among users if there are customization inside of it.  This is why it is recommending a shared location like PDM or a network drive.  It is not a huge thing if it is left local.

          Your crashing probably relates to other things though like what hardware is in the machine and where you are storing/accessing your CAD data from.  If you want to post up what the make/mode, CPU, GPU, and OS for the machine are along with whether you are storing the CAD data on a network area we can all take a closer look at it and see if there are areas to improve.