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If my Solidworks Free Standard Student Edition starts to crash, Can I reinstall it??

Question asked by Christian McGinnis on Mar 3, 2017

Hey Everyone,

I am a student using the free edition of Solidworks 2016, the standard version, and up until 2 days ago, all was well with my program.

I realized on Wednesday, March 1st, that I needed the toolbox add-in, and I don't have it. So, I figured I would look around for answers to this problem, and then yesterday, my program started crashing whenever I tried to put a constraint on a sketch. The sketch was a simple extrude, with a hole wizard hole, and I was just trying to center the hole. The line up vertically constraint is what is crashing the program.

Is there anyway I can just reinstall this program?? It worked great until 2 days ago!!


Christian McGinnis