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Problem slow access over network

Question asked by Sebastien Engelaere on Dec 4, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2010 by Tom Smith

We are working files witches are located on a network server.
When only one person is working on a file, there is no problem but when another person is using the same file it become a nightmare, files access becomes slow.

I've tryed everything:
testing on:
2003 physical server
2003 virtual server
2008 virtual server (without any antivirus)
xp virtual
xp physical

Xp physical seems to be the only way to work with a normal speed.

I've applied several patches from microsoft on our 2003 server:
KB 150384 (as specified in post S-014964)
KB 296264
KB 822219
KB 915377

It drives me crazy...

Does anyone had the same problem, solves it?

Thank you for your answers