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Problem with threaded hole dimensioning in assembly drawings

Question asked by Freddy Meijer on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Freddy Meijer

We have a problem with the dimensioning of threaded holes in drawings.

The problem is as described in the example below:

- We create a tapped hole M6 in an assembly with the hole wizard

- We create a drawing of this assembly

- We dimension the threaded hole with smart dimension. The dimension is attached to the thin threaded line. The dimension M6 shows correct.

- The drawing is saved and closed.

- If we open the drawing again, the thin thread lines are shown in a larger diameter, in this example 10 mm. Also the dimension is changed to M10. See the picture below.


- If we hand over this drawing to the machinist, a M10 hole is made instead of a M6 hole.


This problem doesn't only show up with M6, but also with other dimension. Below you'll see an example of a M12 hole dimensioned as M20,4

You'll understand this is quite a risky problem. Does anybody have the same problem or does anybody have a solution for this?


Strange enough this problem doesn't appear in tapped holes created in parts.

If we dimension the M6 hole with the hole callout function, the dimension stays correct, but the thin lines are still enlarged.