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Truncate data card variable

Question asked by Shaun Toms on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by Ben D.

So, we have an ECN workflow and I've been adding the variables to Excel and the data card so that excel is populated automatically with what we enter on the data card. For the longest time, on the data card, we left the ECN cell blank and required everyone to type in the actual number. This is because when we run the New ECN command on the PDM server, it creates the filename as ECN-1234 and if we have the template_variable = the card_variable then it puts ECN-1234 on the data card. This results in the datacard saying the following,

ECN: ECN-1234


Now, I know how to truncate in excel and I can easily create a hidden cell that has the card_variable and then the field that has the ECN number only shows the last 4 characters. But it still looks really silly that the datacard shows the above.


Is there anyway I can make the card show only the last 4 characters so it reads like this,

ECN: 1234