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    PDM standard wont map to .docm files

    Johnathan Peterson

      I am trying to create some word document files to be used for our engineering process; all will be stored in our PDM vault.


      I have followed the numerous guides to linking fields to data card variables and had success with docx files. I was trying to save the file as a docm so that the macro to autoupdate the document would always be with it, but once I turn it into a docm file nothing will update. I can take the docm file in our vault, save it as docx and then everything starts working (once I manually update the fields that is).


      Has anyone else had this bug happen to them?

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          Jeremy Feist

          disclaimers - 1) we run PDM pro, never used PDM standard. 2) I don't deal with word files in the vault


          first thing I would check is whether your variable mapping includes the .docm file extension.

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              Johnathan Peterson

              Yea, I checked and double checked that before I decided to post here. Its enabled in the file choices in admin, and its in each of the variables the block set to custom property.


              The crazy thing is that if I change the format to docx it immediately works. Docm, everything stops working.

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                  Jeff Borland

                  Johnathan, like Jeremy, I am also using PDM Pro, but I am using .docm files for my ECN (ECO, ECR, whatever your company calls them) files.  My experience is that (I am using Word 2013) Word defaults to not allow macros to run automatically in a macro enabled file.  You can change this setting, but I believe the default is set so that when you first open the file, there will be a message at the top asking you if you want to enable content.  Once you Enable Content, your AutoOpen and Document_Open subs will run and your fields should be updated within the document.  The image below shows what I am describing.


                  Before enabling content:


                  After Enabling Content:



                  Hope this helps you!