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mating issues 2017

Question asked by Tommy Kowalczyk on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

I've have noticed issues (on this forum) with mating issues, in regards to being over-defined, etc.  However, I am experiencing an issue with a basic "coincident" mating relationship, where when I originally select the mating features, the mates are fine.  It's when I save and/or re-open the assembly that the mating takes place with a different (unselected surface).


I select the two mating surfaces between the bronze piece and the black piece.  Again, after "accepting" the relationship, the mates are fine.

It isn't until I save and/or re-open the file that it mates incorrectly.This is what it does (looks like) everytime, after I save and/or re-open file....



The proper mating should look like this,.....





Thank you!!