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    mating issues 2017

    Tommy Kowalczyk

      I've have noticed issues (on this forum) with mating issues, in regards to being over-defined, etc.  However, I am experiencing an issue with a basic "coincident" mating relationship, where when I originally select the mating features, the mates are fine.  It's when I save and/or re-open the assembly that the mating takes place with a different (unselected surface).


      I select the two mating surfaces between the bronze piece and the black piece.  Again, after "accepting" the relationship, the mates are fine.

      It isn't until I save and/or re-open the file that it mates incorrectly.This is what it does (looks like) everytime, after I save and/or re-open file....



      The proper mating should look like this,.....



      ANY ADVICE??


      Thank you!!