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    Oscar Ter Bogt

      Dear readers,


      As mouse input I use a Wacom Intuos 4 M tablet, also for Solidworks.

      I work with Windows 10 Pro and Solidworks 2017.


      In the past, with older Solidworks versions, the wacom worked well. But since SW2017 the tablet lags. Or in more detail, if I want to select a feature in the feature tree with my wacom pen, it does not want to select the hing. Even a button configured as right-click, does not work.

      Then it looks like SW 'hangs', till I move my normal Logitech mouse, then it reacts and executes the 'mouse click'.


      I tried already different versions of the Wacom drivers. In windows, photoshop, office, chrome, and other programs, the pen works well and performs the mouse clicks as normal.


      Does somebody can help me?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Oscar Ter Bogt

          No one?

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            Dennis Dohogne

            I do not use such a device, but z common suggestion I have seen has been to get updated drivers.

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              Keith Schubert

              I have a Wacom Intuos Tablet (small version) as well and am having the same issues after upgrading to 2017 last week.

              I see the Wacom drivers were last updated on 4/6 and I had the latest drivers... even tried the old driver.
              It works fine in 2016... it works fine in Creo and Onshape.... so it must be a Solidworks issue.

              The Wacom driver diagnostics shows that I'm pressing the button but it just doesn't work in Solidworks.
              Hopefully you can tell me you've found a solution... and if I find one, I'll let you know too (even tried both sp 2 and 3 of SW 2017)

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                Theo van de Werken

                Same problem here after upgrading to 2017..

                Has anyone already found a solution?

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                    Keith Schubert

                    I did find out that Solidworks changed their touch screen driver and that's what broke it.

                    They recommended I buy $1000+ models of tablets, those work.

                    Possibly will be fixed for 2018.

                    I started using a tablet with a pen back in 1984 (before windows) and have used one since than... mice are ok, but l like the feel of pen in my hand (plus it's ergonomic and less repetitive motion) shame that Solidworks wants to play with drivers etc and just not let the operating system handle it... might be why it's slower than it's competition

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                    Keith Schubert

                    Today I'm a happy Camper :-)
                    Got my tablet to work in 2017 the way it should.....
                    A recent update to Windows had me not able to click and drag in excel (something simple like dragging the width of a column)... suffered with this for a week... went to Wacom's web site and found the solution... and it turns out it worked for Solidworks functionality as well....

                    go to the mapping tab on your wacom tablet properties and disable Window's Ink ... and now Solidworks is fine :-)
                    here's the wacom support page (if this works)
                    Wacom Customer Support | Wacom

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                      liu shen

                      In orientation settings of the desktop centre for your tablet there is a check box for using windows ink, make sure this is not selected.


                      I have a xp-pen star g430 Osu tablet without screen , Windows Ink and XP-Pen drivers  play nice together with Solidworks . if you are interested , you can visit their offical site : XP-PEN| Graphic drawing tablets