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I have a generic fastener (Rose Head Nail) that has two derived configurations.  Unsure how to proceed

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Rob Edwards

I have modeled a generic Rose Head Nail.  It has two derived configs - half or fully clenched. 

There are so many different sizes possible, head size, shank size, length, clench position,etc  that I need to create new configs on the fly.  We have certain standard sizes we buy from various suppliers, we also have buckets of vintage ones in the workshop attic, but the biggest problem is the length to the bend will vary from job to job.  I was hoping to use the config publisher, but that needs a 1 line design table.  The derived configs, already give me 3 lines.  I deleted the two derived configs in the DT and then got the config publisher to work in its alternate form of creating rather than selecting configs, but it's not able to create the derived configs


It's like I need to apply the flex in the assembly, I wondered if I should use a part in part approach.  I could create all my configs of the nails we buy from various suppliers and add more as I need easy enough, insert this part into a 'clenched' part where I apply the flex to the solid body and have this part saved as a template for each new job.


Or driveworks? I get so confused sorry any advice much appreciated.


Also while I'm going to the trouble of creating these parts is it worth adding a smart feature to drill the hole, or am I better to add my nails to holes I've already created?