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How to make any new pipe configuration be set to "Document Name", perhaps by design table?

Question asked by Jason Riedlinger on Mar 3, 2017



At our company, we like to give each pipe segment it's own unique part number/name.  As you know with pipe routing files, every time a new length is introduced, a new pipe configuration is created.  Any time I am done with that particular pipe assembly, I'll need to go into each pipe segment, remove unneeded configurations and set the remaining one to "Document Name" (under Bill of Materials Options) so it fits our naming convention.  I've gotten fairly fast at doing this through repetition, but it IS tedious, and anything else like this I've been able to just input into the pipe file's design table as an attribute.


My question is, is there any way to input this setting into the design table so every new length that is created is automatically set to "document name"?  Or some kind of macro maybe?  I haven't been able to find the attribute name unfortunately.  Screenshot attached of the setting window.


Thank for your time.