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Component2.GetVisibility returns -1

Question asked by Jana Stahn on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Patrik MacHalec

Sometimes when I call


IComponent2.GetVisibility(3, new string[] { "configName" })[0]

( it gets the visibility state of the component in configuration "configName")


I get the return value -1.


What does it mean? There is no -1 listed in the documentation of the visibility values (swComponentVisibilityState_e Enumeration).


And when does it happen?


I have an assembly where the component that gives visibility -1...

- a top level component

- not suppressed

- ...has a real name, i.e. not "".

- ...has a real ID (get it via IComponent2.GetID()), i.e. the ID is not -1.


Unfortunately I cannot attach the model since it is owned by a customer.


Is there anyone who experienced this behaviour or knows something about this?