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STEP file assembly

Question asked by Harri Spendley on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Andreas Rhomberg


I'm fairly new to Solidworks - currently a university student doing an internship that has required me to use Solidworks on a daily basis for around 6 months.


My problem is that I have a set of large STEP files (300mb+) that I am trying to import into Solidworks and save as .sldasm in order to use them in a top level assembly. However, after Solidworks saves the file, I find that when I try to open the .sldasm, the model is incomplete and parts are missing. 


The reason I wish to save as .sldasm is because the STEP file takes around 10 minutes to load. Another reason is that there are many other assemblies/parts that I will drop into the top level assembly. My aim is to create a top level assembly that someone unfamiliar with Solidworks is able to manipulate - in terms of mating/moving/rotating parts.


To put it into some context, the STEP files are essentially models of real-life rooms and the parts are equipment that are used in the room. So I want to create a top level assembly in which someone unfamiliar with Solidworks can move around the equipment and look at the arrangement within the physical spacing of the room.


I feel like there is a better way of doing this (different file types that would load quicker and save all the parts) that would enable me to make a lightweight, quick to load top level assembly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated