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SW09 Admin Image Deployment

Question asked by George Reilly on Dec 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by Rob Jensen
First I would like to say that this is the third year that we have used Admin Image to manage all of our Solidworks Systems. Therefore I have a comprehensive understanding of the process and the sequence of events as well. However this time I have hit a stone wall and cannot for the life of me figure this one out. So, please bear with me and follow along...

With my limited programming ability this is what I have gathered, the StartSWInstall file calls up the sldim.exe which then users the AdminDirector file as its source.

1. **STOP** NO WHERE in the Admin and Install Guide does it tell you that you have to EDIT the StartSWInstall.hta file (line 12) so that there is a UNC PATH to the server with the sldim.exe and AdminDirector.xml!!! I compared my older start files and checked my old notes and figured out that my VAR instructed me to edit this line in the past. Okay we are past the first obstacle.

(line 12) WshShell.Run """\\REILLY\Solidworks Admin\Solidworks 2009 SP1.0\sldim\sldIM.exe"" /adminclient /new /source ""\\REILLY\Solidworks Admin\Solidworks 2009 SP1.0\AdminDirector.xml"""

2. Next, let's go to the AdminDirector.xml. This file also requires editing. All the %%IMROOTDIR%% statements have to be replaced with the UNC PATH, like above. Once again NO WHERE does it say I have to edit anything. Okay should be past the second obstacle.
3. I have shared and set permissions to the Admin Image folder (on the ROOT drive of the Server) and have done the same for the Solidworks 2009 SP1.0 folder beneath it and to the logs file beneath that.
4. On the client machine I have checked the Internet Explorer settings and made sure that the ActiveX stuff was enabled and that the Pop-up Blocker was shut off.
5. The Sophos Anti-Virus service gets Stopped in my BEFORE.BAT.
6. Here is the problem... It never gets that far!!!

Here's what happens when I double click on the "Install Solidworks products now"
1. The Start file appears to be working because the Solidworks 2009 SP1.0 Installation Manager begins.
2. A pop-up window (possibly says "Preparing to Install..") flashes by within the first 2-seconds.
3. The green bar is scrolling by as if something is happening.
4. At approx 8-seconds the Installation Manager screen goes away.... Gone.
5. The BEFORE.BAT never appears, if it did it would stop because I have put a PAUSE statement right in the beginning so I could make sure I was even getting this far.

Previous Admin Image deployments have worked quite well for us, even after all of the extra editing. What is wrong with this one???? Anyone have any ideas to help to get this to work???