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    Solidworks running very slow

    Todd Horn

      I have a student copy of solidworks 2016, it worked fantastically for about a month then all of sudden it was slow. It opens up quickly (3-5 seconds). If there is no assembly, part, or drawing up it responds normally. When I try to make a small part it has about 5 or 6 seconds lag between actions. I am running solidworks on an Acer Aspire v-17 nitro. Running it on windows 10, i7-4720HQ 2.6GHz processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 860M, 16GB ram. The file location is stored on the computer. Nothing on the computer has changed since I first used solidworks (when it was fast and responded normally).

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Todd,


          Please be sure to search for solutions before posting in the forum for a fastest solution as this has been brought up multiple times. It has to do with running an unsupported GeForce card and either Windows or NVIDIA has likely done an automatic driver updated that you are unaware of.

          See this thread for more details:

          Slow performance with GTX960m in SW2016


          Most in that thread say the solution is to install the latest driver, go back to an older driver, or turn off an anti-aliasing setting. See the thread for details.


          I hope this helps,