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2017 SP 01 Hole wizard favorites issue?

Question asked by Paul Risley on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by Jean-Sébastien Vincent

Is anyone else having an issue with your Hole wizard favorites being corrupted in 2017


Clean install copy wizard settings and all of the happy stuff I get to do once a year.


An example:


1/2-13 thru hole class 1B.


How it is saved to come in:


Diameter .4375 thru all


Tapped thru all


No thread callout


Class 1B


What I get:


Diameter .4375 depth .50


Tapped to a depth of .12


No class for this hole.


It is not just tapped holes. Counterbores with the clearance hole going .38 deep instead of through. Just some seriously goofy stuff.


If it is just me and no one else is seeing it, I will pursue some fixes on my end to try and rectify whether that means creating a new database or whatever.


Thanks in advance.