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    Font size problem in file explorer/file view

    Nick F.

      Hello everyone, I have a user with a strange issue that I can't seem to get a grasp on. When he opens his solidworks vault in file explorer, the menu bars/columns are not scaling properly with the font size in the file/folder list. I have attached a picture. I can assure you that he only has this problem viewing the epdm vault and all other file explorer views are normal. He does have a "zoomed" view in display properties (larger view of text, etc), but even if I set that to normal (100%), the fonts in his epdm file view are still askew. I checked custom font sizing in his display properties but there is nothing out of the ordinary. Compounding this issue is the fact that it only occurs on his native laptop screen; when he docks the laptop to his external monitors, the view seems normal.


      We are using:

      Solidworks 2016 x64 Edition SP03 (

      Solidworks PDM Client (16.03.0064)


      Thank you!


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          Kevin Berni

          Hi Nick,


          The scaling for the vault view in windows explorer will scale much better starting with 2017 SP1.  In the mean time, it sounds like Windows is scaling the laptop screen differently than the external monitor. 


          When you set the Windows Scaling to 100% are you doing it on the laptop screen? Windows will let you select each monitor and scale it separately.   The active screen will highlight in blue.  You will probably see the "change the size of text, apps, and other items" value change.

          Also, are you using the Windows 10 anniversary update?


          As I said things should scale much better in 2017 SP1, but I'm surprised that the fonts are still wonky at 100%.  The fact that they are different on each display at 100% is a clue that it might be the per display scaling that windows 10 allows.

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            Craig Schultz

            It's horrible.  We haven't been able to figure out a fix with W10 and ePDM '15-'16.  I mutter "I hate windows 10" every time I have to work on the surface laptops.


            Windows 10 & ePDM Issues

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                Nick F.

                Hello, are you observing this same issue? Does it appear exactly like the picture I posted (tiny file name list with giant column header)? That would be interesting because  my user is on a Lenovo laptop with a very high res display much like a later model Surface pro. Can you tell me if the problem persists if using a lower res external monitor? I am trying to understand exactly what is causing this. The fact that it is only his epdm vault and solidworks help page that have this issue is very confusing.

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                Dave Marquis

                Hi All


                Don't know if anyway has found the answer, but I've found a 'work around'. Sadly, I bought a high res monitor (3840x2160) but can't take full advantage because of this issue.


                Anyway, I found that if I knock the res setting to 2048x1152, then sign out then in again, it worked. I did have to adjust the scaling on the whole monitor, but it worked for me.  


                (Yes, a little conflicted about it.)


                Good luck all.