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Shared Toolbox - from 2007 to 2009

Question asked by John Reese on Dec 3, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2009 by Deepak Gupta
We installed 2009 2 weeks ago on a system with Workgroup PDM - all machines had 2007 sp5.0 on them. Our VAR was onsite for the install and uninstalled 07 and cleared registry keys before installing 2009 SP0 (we have since up'd to SP1.0)

On our existing toolbox, we ran the update utility. Afterwards, we still would get notifications that the hardware was a previous version (the next time open still same message). We ran the migration utility on all our vault files - but realized that this doesnt touch the toolbox parts.

Our previous toolbox location was a mapped network drive that was J:\... Changed to the SW recommended UNC naming convention "\\server...." invoked some odd behavior - since both locations can still be seen - it was never physically moved. When I would view the file references on an assembly, it would show both locations.

Figuring there was a reason for this (and when you invoke toolbox it gives a big yellow warning box if you have a mapped drive) - I figured this could be a source of errors and my only choice was to move the toolbox.

After working on some assemblies I noticed new hardware (shcs ansi inch) was trying to save to my local workgroup folder.

After everyone went home last night, I zipped up the toolbox, deleted the files, then copied the contents of the C:\Solidworks data to a new location, then fixed the toolbox path to be UNC compliant. I then copied my updated .mdb database that contains the company hardware part numbers, overwriting the one just copied.

Now when I opened assemblies, it would find the hardware and placing the references in the non revision managed project folder. The company part numbers are still preserved and I get no file version warnings.

Figuring local toolboxes could be a source for confusion, I decided to delete these locals - but herein lies my question - as I see 3 locations on local hard drives:

c:\solidworks data (which seems to have all the .sldprt files in them - deleted this folder on all users)

c:\program files\common files\soldworks data - not sure what to do with this one.

C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\Toolbox (which seems to contain shapes and another copy of the .mdb file - just deleted the .mdb file - not sure if the rest has to be moved to a shared location as well)

I am on the right track or setting myself up for disaster? We have some assemblies with hardware but are on the verge of many more being created. The existing assemblies may need a little tweaking to get them to behave well.